• Sizzle Offer Engine easily programs these opportunities

    The Sizzle Offer Engine™ is designed to facilitate the programming of all of the offers, games, experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality and business systems in the Sizzle platform.   • Campaigns are created inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ • Video hotspots are programmed on timeline to trigger offers, games, quizzes, polls, AR experiences and more. […]

  • Sizzle prize selection starts every game

    PURPOSE Allowing consumers to pick from a series of prizes in a prize pool creates market research that is matched with the Sizzle artificial intelligence to enable the Sizzle Offer Engine to offer discounts on items that are a good fit with the tastes and interests of the user. Provides brand exposure, product exposure, peer […]

  • Sizzle Shop custom store fronts

    PURPOSE Sizzle.shop facilitates each of the Sizzle merchants to have their own branded storefronts to make shopping for their wares easy for the Sizzle users. Influencers may open custom stores with their personal collection of favorite items for their fans to purchase and for the influencer to earn commissions. CONCEPT The Sizzle store comes with […]

  • Sizzle’s CineMental Journey™ engine powers movie trivia games

    PURPOSE Create user interactivity with a movie trivia game that spawns both attendance at the movie theaters, as well as the rental or watching of some media on television. Drives advance awareness, creates deeper appreciation and generates social sharing while delivering prizes and discounts. CONCEPT User v. user games and user v. computer games are […]