• Sizzle-enabled merchandise stands apart

    PURPOSE Create unique brand merchandise that has special powers that no other brand has. 3D Holograms can be used at fan conventions, tourist destinations, big box stores, product presentations and concerts, to enhance the user experience and provide games, discounts, digital swag and social media sharing elements. CONCEPT (Audi) Enhance brand experiences in spectacular ways. […]

  • Sizzle’s perpetual creatures roam the streets

    PURPOSE 3D Holograms can be used to activate and engage consumers, promote entertainment of any kind, make special themed days at stadiums come to life, add a dynamic attraction to a magic forest, add branding and clues to monuments, drive consumers to retail for engagement and create a substantial additional business model to a fashion […]

  • SizzleFX is the perfect promotion system

    PURPOSE Promotion of Muay Thai fighting requires unique promotional capabilities. Sizzle provides their fans with new forms of fun engagement and social sharing. CONCEPT Sizzle users may record themselves engaging with the stars of a fighting league using augmented reality recording to position a fan into a great scene that they will be very excited […]

  • Start a bar fight tonight

    PURPOSE Create a platform for player v. player type games. Delivering brand recognition, awareness, cross promotion and a deep profit from microtransactions. CONCEPT BAR FIGHT TONIGHT! reads the banner outside bars and taverns around the world. Sizzle can bring an entire world of combat mixed martial arts games to the virtual arena sponsored by a […]

  • Stream a live AR performance of any kind

    PURPOSE Capture a significant audience with a combination of celebrity and brand providing a unique hologram performance in each and every user’s home, that is truly one of a kind. CONCEPTS Taylor Swift could be streamed as an augmented reality hologram to a specific corporate target on a holiday such as Christmas Eve. Imagine everyone […]

  • Studios use AR to deliver bonus content

    PURPOSE Bring posters to life to make unique on location experiences to drive users to the theater. Generate increased awareness, fandom, brand loyalty, word of mouth and massive social sharing. CONCEPT In a movie theater, Sizzle scans a poster and an augmented experience unique to the film, springs to life. This can lead to any […]

  • Styletto causes consumer engagement

    PURPOSE Create a game that enables users to view merchandise as the playing pieces within the game. Use that product familiarity to generate market research, purchases and consumer engagements. CONCEPTS Styletto is a game like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, but it is played with brand merchandise, so the consumer is exposed to many purchasable items […]

  • Superhero selfies

    GPS enables special SizzleFX to work in specific locations. Drive consumers to retail locations for interaction with their favorite virtual characters. PURPOSE Drive retail traffic to specific locations to access augmented reality experiences and games. CONCEPT Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These holograms can be triggered by […]

  • Sweepstakes are made for sharing

    PURPOSE Stimulate users to check in daily with a brand and play that brand’s game. CONCEPT In Sizzle, our consumers will be able to visit brand pages on a daily basis, and each day they will secure ticket(s) for their entry into a cash sweepstakes. No purchase is required to get the free entry tickets […]

  • Table top or life-sized virtual golf

    PURPOSE Create a platform for player v. player type games. Delivering brand recognition, awareness, cross promotion and a deep profit from microtransactions. CONCEPT Multiplayer  golf game, with micro transaction ability to upgrade golf skills, outfits and gear. Plays with a sports ladder to a final match. Great for themed evenings in bars. Tie virtual gaming […]