Innovations In Automotive Promotions Using Sizzle

Sizzle has developed numerous technologies and strategies to drive consumers to dealerships to purchase and lease vehicles.

  • Create contests that generate social media sharing as a method of entering a contest to win. Point your Sizzle app at your driveway and a truck appears, post a photo of that truck in your driveway on social media #LookWhatIAmGoingToWin for a chance to win that truck
  • Create a Sizzle augmented reality model of your vehicle that allows the consumer to make it appear in their driveway and swap out colors and features of key items to engage them in the purchasing thought process
  • Motivate trips to the dealership with localized Sizzle Spin contests or augmented reality contests that are rewarded only when your customer walks on the lot
  • Sizzle a local offer in a newspaper, magazine, movie theater commercial, television commercial, radio commercial that connects your campaign concept to a Sizzle promotion and gives incentive to visit the local dealership
  • Supplement key parts of the owner’s manual of a vehicle for both owners, lessors and renters of the vehicle. Point Sizzle at the dashboard to explain use of instrumentation, the significance of a lit icon on the dashboard, knowing the proper tire pressure, and more.

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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