Sizzle is a marketing platform and financial technology that is disruptive to traditional advertising methodologies. Using a comprehensive suite of tools, systems, interactions, augmented reality, games, interactive videos, and financial technologies, Sizzle provides the unique system that enables merchants to instantly activate consumers and engage them with entertainment, transactions, interactivity and information.

Sizzle is a marketing disruptor

Sizzle is a platform for offers and brand experiences much like Amazon® is a platform for services and products.

Sizzle allows the merchant to use just the tools that will work best to achieve their desired goals.

Sizzle financial technology drives the sale in fun and engaging ways. Sizzle is the theme park, and our users will exit through the gift shop.

  • Sizzle strives to generate a higher rate of return and a lower cost of new customer acquisition.
  • Marketing and data reports are confidential and belong solely to the merchant who brought their customers into Sizzle.
  • Sizzle provides you with software options that easily integrate Sizzle technologies and Sizzle affinity revenues into your own app.

Sizzle’s success is based on your success, as we help our clients build a platform of experiences to engage and stimulate their customers – using AR, a game, an offer, information, or any combination thereof.

Sizzle is a conglomerate of consumer-activating triggers (much like a Swiss army knife) that allows our merchants to choose how best to meet their needs efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Why Brands and Consumers love Sizzle​

Consumers appreciate Sizzle

  • Non-invasive of privacy–all settings are adjustable
  • Sizzle converts advertising and marketing from a push model to a pull model.
  • Shopping experience is fun, engaging, unique, opportune, and cost-saving, with a host of feedback systems designed within Sizzle.

Sellers appreciate Sizzle

  • Sizzle’s financial technologies enable them to put their messages and opportunities into Sizzle on a success fee basis.
  • The Offer Engine can spread an offer to a specific psychographic and demographic and generate a definitive return on investment for their advertising.
  • Sizzle delivers analytics of who? what? when? where? and converts that information into a retail sale.

Sizzle Partners appreciate Sizzle, because it’s a marketplace from which they may draw other customers, just like a mall. Having a branded store in a worldwide marketplace enables Sizzle Merchants to make sales that they might never have made.

Exhibitions love Sizzle because Sizzle can instantly bring their museum, aquarium, zoo or other public facility to life with AR exhibits, treasure hunts, instant purchases, tour information and much more.

Locations will gravitate to Sizzle because Sizzle can make their environment more profitable by applying the Sizzle technologies to their consumer flow to increase commerce and revenue. Use of AR interactions creates customer interest, intrigue and engagement.

Pharmaceutical companies can deliver video instructions, as well as to provide multilingual explanations of their products.

Manufacturers can create an augmented reality presentation that is distinctive, innovative and highly functional at generating leads and sales.

Destinations can provide animated, branded digital postcards paired with digital reward incentives for consumers to promote that destination throughout social media.

Conventions use Sizzle to make specific offers only available within the convention hall, deliver interactive maps that direct consumers to their booth, and AR to bring their promotional content to life with contests, games, videos & more.

Direct Response Marketers gravitate instantly to Sizzle, because Sizzle makes direct response campaigns in print, online or broadcast, instantly transactional and increase conversion rates.

 Teams use Sizzle to launch sports-related skill games to enable their fans to play in viral, head to head competition for prizes and access offers.

For illustrative purposes only. No relationship between Sizzle and the brands on this page is intentional or implied. Trademarks belong to the original trademark holder.

Take advantage of Sizzle’s extensive financial technologies, data and analytics

Sizzle takes data aggregation very seriously and we are conservative, ethical and private with our user’s data. Sizzle openly explains to our users that Sizzle will work as their greatest ally when the user opts to share specific information with Sizzle. Sizzle’s sole goal in requesting this data is to increase the personalization of the offers, games and experiences that our users will discover. Once granted, Sizzle is able to observe and track an ever-expansive set of variables including:

Sizzle is a marketing disruptor

Extensive data and analytics capture and report systems

Tracks all in-app activities

Reports delivered to merchant dashboard via a merchant portal

Ability to create co-branded campaigns with merchant partners and share campaign results

Reports sortable by numerous filters ​

Track who? what? where? when? and hundreds of focused variables to continually improve a targeted communication system with the end user