Broadcast, Satellite and 5G Delivered Media

Sizzle converts all broadcast media into a completely interactive platform that instantly enables transactions, voting, playing games, prognosticating on sports, downloading digital swag or content, and much more.

  • Use the Sizzle SDK inside your broadcasting app to further monetize your content in the extensive methods delineated in this section.
  • Add a polling or voting experience to be paired with your competition show or political show so that the home audience is easily able to express their vote or opinion to your tally
  • Add any second screen experience into Sizzle to allow an additional audience exposure to your network’s unique content and increase viewership in the ever crowded OTT marketplace
  • Add augmented reality outcomes to promotional content to further engage and audience and expand awareness of the upcoming show or event
  • Add Easter eggs to your promotional videos and commercials to give fans extra experiences to anticipate.
  • Add numerous potential responses to your advertisements, including initiating a text, phone call or email that is instantly facilitated pairing your broadcast advertisements with Sizzle
  • Allow your advertisers to pair Sizzle’s augmented reality to their commercials to increase engagement, and improve their ROI on advertising by delivering meaningful additional experiences for your audiences to anticipate and enjoy. Lean forward advertising models are possible with this technique.
  • By adding Sizzle bonus features, digital rewards, and purchasing opportunities, a broadcaster may further increase their attraction and engagement of the coveted 18-49 demographic.
  • Create an urgency to tune in for a specific broadcast by adding the delivery of digital swag that is only received if you turn on Sizzle during the initial broadcast.
  • Create the pathway for your audiences to enter sweepstakes promotions of your choosing
  • Deepen the relationship between the broadcaster and the audience by inserting your choice of Sizzle’s interactive tools into the mix. Audiences love to provide feedback, and Sizzle is a very affordable solution to enable those experiences.
  • Deliver branded digital swag to an audience that has tuned in for the live broadcast, or attended a live event and allow them to share socially to increase viewership for the next event
  • Distribute radio contests to your audience without complexity. Sizzle is the perfect conduit between your broadcast and your consumer’s response.
  • Easily add substantial new monetization of your existing content on YouTube. Your highlight clips, promotional content, trailers, commercials and promos can all start to generate new income in Sizzle.
  • Eliminate the text to win concept with direct connectivity to all contests, with a single click of a button
  • Engage your audience beyond your broadcasts, and gain valuable consumer data on their activities within Sizzle. Use that data to further entice the most appropriate advertisers who seek to target a very specific niche audience demographic.
  • Further monetize entertainment competition talent (singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, magicians, etc.) by pairing their unique performances to brands and locations for increased audience exposure and to generate new profit streams
  • Generate millions of dollars in new incremental affinity revenue
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue through subscription of daily augmented reality television releases of comedy, inspiration, information, etc.
  • In the middle of any sports event, one team can take a big lead, and their fans are adrenaline pumped. Sizzle can allow you to leverage this moment by delivering a promotion for that team at that key moment.
  • Increase the profitability of 5G, broadcast and satellite media systems using the Sizzle suite of tools, games and systems
  • Increase the ROI for your advertisers by making all advertising impulsively actionable and transactional
  • Increase the ROI of product placement in your programs by making the products instantly purchaseable in Sizzle
  • License your iconic show characters for augmented reality television appearances when users point Sizzle at a brand label or packaging. Point Sizzle at a package and let your celebrity walk out of the package and engage the audience in creative new explorations of engagement.
  • Open a broadcaster branded store inside Sizzle to allow Sizzle customers to find your merchandise when shopping in our store, and to purchase that merchandise with a single click.
  • Pair a play at home version of your game show that Sizzle audience will be able to play along with your broadcast. Add special incentives that are only available if the viewer tunes in for the aired broadcast.
  • Pair a unique branded contest, or game, or poll/survey to your broadcast that is also only available if you are tuned in when it actually airs.
  • Point your Sizzle app at a billboard, and grab instant access to the pilot episode of a new series that is launching, thereby increasing the potential for a greater ongoing audience throughout the season.
  • Program 60 minutes of advertising in your broadcast or stream without disrupting the consumer experience of enjoying your content.
  • Program a television library with Sizzle audio codes. Every territory that licenses this content, may now populate those same Sizzle offers with their unique offer, allowing you a higher license fee for the content by providing it with actionable and transactional advertising modules for them to easily populate with local opportunities.
  • Sizzle provides unique methods to provide data and market research on your digital media, through a host of tools and broadcaster options
  • Sizzle silent advertising populates offers inside the Sizzle wallet for the Sizzle user to leverage after the broadcast, instead of interupting their viewing experience
  • Sizzle’s branded expression engine can dress up a viewer’s selfie with fun and engaging themed augmented reality experiences from your programming to share in social media
  • Sizzled content allows instant donations to any charitable cause.
  • Sizzled content or advertising allows instant access to a linked document that you want the audience to receive or complete
  • Surpass language barriers with special promotions in Sizzle to target a specific language audience
  • Thirty seconds after the outcome of a major sports competition has been determined, Sizzle provides the most immediate solution to deliver offers for merchandise that commemorates that particular outcome. Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, March Madness, World Cup, Olympics and more. When everything is at peak emotional high moments, Sizzle is the solution to deliver the offer.
  • Turn every television or radio broadcast into an instant cash register, ready for all actionable and transactional opportunities.
  • Use a special promotion in Sizzle to get your audience to share your branded content as a gift to send to a friend. Increase awareness and audience appreciation with imaginative use of this tool.
  • Use Sizzle promotions to draw the Sizzle audience to your place of broadcast for your new programming and events. Draw from our users and expand your network’s reach.

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