Cross Brand Promotions

Sizzle is the perfect platform to enable two brands to work in parallel with one another. Leveraging each other’s customers to build a larger cross brand loyalty delivers a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the consumer.

  • Bring the best of both brands together into a larger audience that both brands may leverage going forward
  • Customers may receive custom entertainment related content, offers or discounts when scanning your logo at your physical locations
  • Sizzle creates impulsive activation and engagements of the consumer to make dynamic cobranded experiences spring to life. Point your Sizzle app at a sports bottle and a celebrity walks out and does a slam dunk on the table top, then offers you a chance to purchase a new pair of shoes on their first day to market.
  • Sizzle’s suite of scan, GPS, augmented reality television, Sizzle Spin, AR Games and audio triggers are all available to leverage in the creation of cross branded opportunities

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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