Data and Analytics

The data and analytics of the customers inside Sizzle is completely private. When a brand brings their customers inside Sizzle, the brand is the only outside party who will ever see those statistics. They belong entirely to the brand and will never be sold or marketed.

  • Ability to create cobranded campaigns with merchant partners and share campaign results
  • Create specific promotions with the intent of learning more about your consumers, attendees or audiences and their behaviors, engagements and interests.
  • Private, unique data collection, operated under 100% ethical practices, and always with the customer’s expressed consent
  • Sizzle can help you track all who engaged, walked by, watched, purchased, shared, referred and hundred of other focused variables to continually improve a targeted communication system with the end user
  • Sizzle provides extensive data and analytics capture and report systems. If our system is not capturing your desired metric, Sizzle will add that parameter into your campaign upon request.
  • Sizzle provides special data collection opportunities that are unavailable anywhere other than on the Sizzle Network
  • Sizzle reports are delivered to our merchants dashboard on a live basis, and are sortable by numerous critical filters
  • Sizzle tracks all in-app activities and can teach you more about your consumer’s interest and desires than anything you may potentially learn from them while they are engaging in your circle of influence.

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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