• Live event light show integrations

    PURPOSE Generate significant consumer activation and engagement by making them part of the show. Consumer involvement increases satisfaction, and causes large social media sharing, peer to peer sharing. When paired with discounts and prizes, it promotes sales in stadium, online or in neighboring retail sponsored locations. CONCEPT Sizzle is readily connected to the lighting board […]

  • Motion capture pairs an avatar with user for synchronized dance

    PURPOSE Drive users into dance competitions by pairing a digital character with the user in synchronized dance. Whatever the dancer move, the avatar instantly copies it and dances in sync. Sponsoring brands build customer appreciation, loyalty, increased brand interest, massive brand impressions due to viral sharing. CONCEPTS Users pick from a host of free avatars […]

  • Pair large brands with celebrities

    PURPOSE  Increase retail sales of a consumer packaged good by using it as a visual target that launches the special appearance of a celebrity hologram, thereby making access to the retail product imperative to continually trigger the experience. CONCEPT Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality celebrity holograms for the promotion of all different types […]

  • Posters are promotional / transactional

    PURPOSE Increase consumer awareness and engagement. Stimulate sales of tickets, merchandise and advance sales of concessions. Increase peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Point the phone at any Sizzle-enabled artwork to instantly access any form of content: Play a trailer, then sell tickets No unsightly QR code required Deliver digital swag Show progressive roll outs of […]

  • Sizzle Offer Engine easily programs these opportunities

    The Sizzle Offer Engine™ is designed to facilitate the programming of all of the offers, games, experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality and business systems in the Sizzle platform.   • Campaigns are created inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ • Video hotspots are programmed on timeline to trigger offers, games, quizzes, polls, AR experiences and more. […]

  • Stream a live AR performance of any kind

    PURPOSE Capture a significant audience with a combination of celebrity and brand providing a unique hologram performance in each and every user’s home, that is truly one of a kind. CONCEPTS Taylor Swift could be streamed as an augmented reality hologram to a specific corporate target on a holiday such as Christmas Eve. Imagine everyone […]