• Sizzle creates virtual escape rooms

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand loyalty by sponsoring a themed branded escape room experience. Leveraging the skyrocketing success of escape rooms, Sizzle technology provides opportunities for users to participate in virtual escape room experiences in both single person as well as team participation versions. CONCEPT Waking up out of hibernation, the user discovers that they are […]

  • Sizzle Offer Engine easily programs these opportunities

    The Sizzle Offer Engine™ is designed to facilitate the programming of all of the offers, games, experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality and business systems in the Sizzle platform.   • Campaigns are created inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ • Video hotspots are programmed on timeline to trigger offers, games, quizzes, polls, AR experiences and more. […]

  • SizzleFX is the perfect promotion system

    PURPOSE Promotion of Muay Thai fighting requires unique promotional capabilities. Sizzle provides their fans with new forms of fun engagement and social sharing. CONCEPT Sizzle users may record themselves engaging with the stars of a fighting league using augmented reality recording to position a fan into a great scene that they will be very excited […]

  • Studios use AR to deliver bonus content

    PURPOSE Bring posters to life to make unique on location experiences to drive users to the theater. Generate increased awareness, fandom, brand loyalty, word of mouth and massive social sharing. CONCEPT In a movie theater, Sizzle scans a poster and an augmented experience unique to the film, springs to life. This can lead to any […]

  • Table top or life-sized virtual golf

    PURPOSE Create a platform for player v. player type games. Delivering brand recognition, awareness, cross promotion and a deep profit from microtransactions. CONCEPT Multiplayer  golf game, with micro transaction ability to upgrade golf skills, outfits and gear. Plays with a sports ladder to a final match. Great for themed evenings in bars. Tie virtual gaming […]

  • Theatres use AR to deliver digital swag

    PURPOSE Deliver offers to consumers through broadcast media and in physical locations using inaudible audio signals that only Sizzle app can hear.  In all circumstances, an audience connecting to an audio signal in a theater, location, radio broadcast, game or television broadcast, is an audience that a Sizzle merchant can market to at a later […]