• Celebrity hologram appearances

    SizzleFX holograms are a perfect platform for contestants to pair with brands for command performances. PURPOSE Drive consumer traffic to specific brand locations or packaging to experience unique holographic appearances. CONCEPT: Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These holograms can be triggered by GPS, Time, Audio, Search, Scan, […]

  • Characters leap off the screen into Sizzle

    PURPOSE Substantially increase the ROI of in-theater advertising by connecting to the audience during the sponsored commercials, before the trailers have started, and make a digital bond with them through fun and unique promotions: CONCEPT 3D characters leap off the screen and into the app. Sizzle audio signals launch an augmented reality experience in the […]

  • Dare consumers to ignore your brand

    PURPOSE Increase product awareness, consumer loyalty, peer to peer sharing and social media sharing. CONCEPT In Sizzle, you may dare your audience to ignore you. If they are able. Your brand may use humor, surprise, and of course, gorgeous people to draw their attention up to your logo. If they succeed in ignoring you, give […]

  • Dear Santa…

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand awareness and consumer engagement with this seasonal promotion. Creates social media sharing, peer to peer sharing and high levels of consumer satisfaction. CONCEPT Using Sizzle, scan your child’s artwork or letter to Santa. Send it off to the North Pole then relax and have a Coke. Moments later, an alert will […]

  • Increase sales using AR promotional stunts

    PURPOSE Increase the total volume of refreshment and concession sales at stadiums, clubs, venues and other large experiences. CONCEPTS User points the camera at the stadium field and they see an augmented reality dragon, drone or other delivery device that is shooting out floating bottles of the product. User uses their Sizzle app to catch […]

  • Insert Sizzle technology into your apps

    PURPOSE Many Sizzle Merchants wish to embed Sizzle technologies into their own apps. Sizzle Software Development Kits enable you to pick the best parts of Sizzle for your users and embed them into your app so that your team can program offers, games and augmented reality experiences for your audience by using the convenience of […]

  • Insured Promotions and Games

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. CONCEPT Stand out from the competition with insurance that allows you to offer a large prize risk-free, for a premium that is a fraction of the prize value (in situations where the prize is not guaranteed). Promotions and games […]

  • Invasions From Outer Space™

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in head to head Invasions games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. When was the last time you had someone call one of their friends and beg them to play a game that your company had sponsored? That kind of direct viral interaction is the most coveted […]

  • Live event light show integrations

    PURPOSE Generate significant consumer activation and engagement by making them part of the show. Consumer involvement increases satisfaction, and causes large social media sharing, peer to peer sharing. When paired with discounts and prizes, it promotes sales in stadium, online or in neighboring retail sponsored locations. CONCEPT Sizzle is readily connected to the lighting board […]

  • Masks and facial recognition

    PURPOSE Use Sizzle’s facial recognition to attach a mask, glasses, hat, etc. onto a user’s face for games, selfies, shopping, etc. Creates brand awareness, viral sharing, peer to peer sharing, leading to games or merchandise special offers, digital swag and more. CONCEPT User points SizzleFX at their face in selfie mode and see a host […]