• AR 3D games promote entertainment

    PURPOSE Attract a user who is excited about a theatrical film, television show or similar and entice them to pay to view the film in a theater by adding added incentive to having seen the movie in a cinema versus watching it streaming on a platform. CONCEPT This AR experience was postulated for Maverick: Top […]

  • Book cover scans (D.A.R.E. Anti-Bully)

    PURPOSE Pair a popular entertainment property with a deserving public service program to drive awareness, engagement and support for the cause. CONCEPT canning the front cover of a Berenstain Bear book provides the user with a quick PSA announcement by an AR character. Scanning the back shows the same character recapping the lesson of the […]

  • Sizzle prize selection starts every game

    PURPOSE Allowing consumers to pick from a series of prizes in a prize pool creates market research that is matched with the Sizzle artificial intelligence to enable the Sizzle Offer Engine to offer discounts on items that are a good fit with the tastes and interests of the user. Provides brand exposure, product exposure, peer […]