• 3D AR breakdancing game

    PURPOSE Create user interactions with unique experiences that heighten awareness to a form of entertainment or sporting event. CONCEPT This is a dance competition game in which two players have a dance off for highest point scores. Can be used in the hip hop space to bring some songs way up the charts in the […]

  • 3D sports-oriented games

    Skate games and similar experiences can come to life using augmented reality characters and engagements. PURPOSE Engage user in repetitive gaming experiences that deliver brand impressions, collect market research and motivate a deeper relationship between the user and the sponsoring brand. CONCEPT A skating shoe brand could hire a skater influencer and build a trick […]

  • AR holograms can augment anything

    PURPOSE Pairing of branded specialty merchandise like T-Shirts with an augmented reality counterpart creates a daily interaction like none other. Generate significant revenue from microtransactions, daily customer interaction, brand loyalty, social media sharing and peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT A garment licensee with a product like Betty Boop specialty designed Tee-Shirts will add significant potential […]

  • AR multiplayer plane or car racing games

    Turn your brand into markers for a racing game or augmented reality game of competition. Builds strong consumer brand awareness and appreciation. Viral sharing and social engagement. PURPOSE Player v. player type games using a brand product as part of the game creates sales, generates brand awareness, viral sharing, user appreciation and much more! CONCEPTS […]

  • Berenstain Mask

    PURPOSE Generate user activation and engagement, create peer to peer sharing and social media spreading, while generating consumer loyalty and brand awareness. CONCEPT Scan yourself wearing a Berenstain decorated face mask from Hot Topic and start posing with the corresponding AR character. Record your interaction and share. Collect the entire family. COST Monthly Cost: Pick […]

  • Bring your favorite characters to the show

    PURPOSE 3D Holograms can be used at fan conventions, tourist destinations, big box stores, product presentations and concerts, to enhance the user experience and provide games, discounts, digital swag and social media sharing elements. CONCEPT At Blizzcon, consumers can take pictures of themselves with their favorite characters and provide both a social sharing experience, as […]

  • Dispatch™: Presents delivered by virtual holograms

    PURPOSE A new digital gifting and greeting methodology. Sizzle leverages 2D and 3D augmented reality to revolutionize the greeting card with a new digital delivery experience. Creates customer activation, engagement, generates loyalty and repeat patronage. CONCEPTS A purchase is made inside Sizzle, and a user is allowed to send a Sizzle Dispatch™ to send an […]

  • Launch a virtual pet promotion on Sizzle

    PURPOSE Drive consumer traffic to a retail location such as a large pet supply store, and generate user activation, social media sharing, daily engagement and long term loyalty by offering a virtual pet for the user to raise, train and play with on their phone. CONCEPT User goes to a national pet store and receives […]

  • Motion capture pairs an avatar with user for synchronized dance

    PURPOSE Drive users into dance competitions by pairing a digital character with the user in synchronized dance. Whatever the dancer move, the avatar instantly copies it and dances in sync. Sponsoring brands build customer appreciation, loyalty, increased brand interest, massive brand impressions due to viral sharing. CONCEPTS Users pick from a host of free avatars […]

  • Sizzle creates virtual escape rooms

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand loyalty by sponsoring a themed branded escape room experience. Leveraging the skyrocketing success of escape rooms, Sizzle technology provides opportunities for users to participate in virtual escape room experiences in both single person as well as team participation versions. CONCEPT Waking up out of hibernation, the user discovers that they are […]