• Influencers host jam-along competitions

    PURPOSE Create opportunity for influencers to provide new experiences to their fans by making SizzleFX holograms available for performance and dual recordings. CONCEPT An influencer stages an experience in which their audience can record themselves with the influencer doing anything that the influencer desires. In this model, it is a jam-along with Marty Music. In […]

  • Insured Promotions and Games

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. CONCEPT Stand out from the competition with insurance that allows you to offer a large prize risk-free, for a premium that is a fraction of the prize value (in situations where the prize is not guaranteed). Promotions and games […]

  • Interior design vision system

    PURPOSE A sales tool that enables the user to take a selection of photos and pair them with different frames and put them up on the wall to determine which ones they wish to purchase. This same platform in Sizzle can put furniture, paintings, sculpture, mirrors and accessories in a consumer’s home for them to […]

  • Invasions From Outer Space™

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in head to head Invasions games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. When was the last time you had someone call one of their friends and beg them to play a game that your company had sponsored? That kind of direct viral interaction is the most coveted […]

  • Jam-Along with your favorite artists

    PURPOSE Increase fan engagement and artist awareness by creating the first of its kind, Jam-Along. CONCEPTS Fans are now able to record themselves singing, dancing, performing with their favorite artists using SizzleFX. The recording looks convincingly as if the user and the artist are in the same video playing together. These videos have very high […]

  • Join virtual attendees in virtual chats

    PURPOSE Sizzle removes the discussion gaps from a virtual trade show by providing a chat lounge in which attendees may find one another for interactive conversation. CONCEPT Attendees’ LinkedIn account information will identify them at this event and Sizzle provides the frictionless interconnectivity to enable these virtual attendees to discover one another and communicate while […]

  • Kreme Finder

    PURPOSE Gamify the experience of finding a local Krispy Kreme retail location, and drive posts to social media, excitement around contests and added purchases from increased volume orders originating out of promotional offers. CONCEPT Deliver fun and unique games that drive repeat patronage, increased brand awareness, peer to peer sharing and social media posts. Kreme […]

  • Launch holograms from announcements

    PURPOSE Increase the profitability of a wedding video package by adding three additional videos to be shot and added to the package. Creates a product for posterity, generates consumer activation, engagement and transactions when pointed to a bridal registry. CONCEPT The invitation and greeting card experience expands exponentially with SizzleFX AR. Point Sizzle at a […]

  • Masks and facial recognition

    PURPOSE Use Sizzle’s facial recognition to attach a mask, glasses, hat, etc. onto a user’s face for games, selfies, shopping, etc. Creates brand awareness, viral sharing, peer to peer sharing, leading to games or merchandise special offers, digital swag and more. CONCEPT User points SizzleFX at their face in selfie mode and see a host […]

  • Massive performance stunts

    Sizzle enables command performances in the most stimulating of locations. PURPOSE Builds engagement, loyalty, awareness, social sharing and much more. Create visual stunts and deliver offers and experiences to consumers through the use of augmented reality elements. CONCEPT Augmented reality 2D holograms are recorded elements, predominantly live people, shot on a green screen and paired […]