• A turn-key program to increase donations

    PURPOSE Reduce the cost of soliciting donations and generating revenue for non profit organizations by empowering them with the Sizzle suite of tools that increase patron awareness, increase contributions, stimulate awareness through peer to peer sharing and social media sharing. CONCEPT Scan posters or branded merchandise to make connections between causes and their donors that […]

  • AR holograms drive traffic organically

    PURPOSE GPS allows Sizzle to place augmented reality experiences anywhere in the world that is desired. Those experiences bring unique offers to users, AR experiences that can only be found in Sizzle, and tracking and mapping systems for places like malls, tradeshows, etc. CONCEPTS Sizzle delivers the user an offer for a restaurant, for example. […]

  • AR puts products into a virtual mind game

    3D augmented reality products appear in front and behind you, as well as to your left and right. Instructions appear on your screen. Slowly at first, then with more speed and more attempts to trick your mind. Higher levels score better offers and prizes. PURPOSE Entertain users with branded entertainment, introduce products to users in […]

  • Business contact sharing

    PURPOSE Instantly swap business contact information in both virtual and physical meetings. Accurate information may be scanned from a business card, or the custom coded Sizzle bolt in the user’s profile. It may easily be transmitted as a file that will export to most address books. CONCEPT Revolutionize the business card by eliminating it entirely. […]

  • Games increase ROI of direct response

    • Scan a direct response card, ad, or a brochure and instantly launch a game • Launch Sizzle Spin, Sizzle AR games, or a custom game of your choosing from Sizzle’s library of games • Generate significant new ongoing revenue and data per consumer while building customer appreciation/loyalty COSTS Monthly Cost: Pick the monthly program, […]

  • Gamified market research

    PURPOSE Leverage key moments in editorial content for brief interludes of an interactive poll or survey. Design the content in a gamified style to make it light and fun, while still picking up valuable market research. CONCEPT Sizzle merchants are able to display content in their editorial sections which deliver an audience that has directly […]

  • Generate alerts and appointment notifications

    PURPOSE Brand to consumer alert system to help consumer to take advantage of opportunities inside Sizzle, appointments within a virtual or physical trade show, or any game or AR experience that is launching. Generates user interest, engagement, repeat patronage and brand loyalty. CONCEPT The alert system in Sizzle enables virtual trade shows to allow each […]

  • Join virtual attendees in virtual chats

    PURPOSE Sizzle removes the discussion gaps from a virtual trade show by providing a chat lounge in which attendees may find one another for interactive conversation. CONCEPT Attendees’ LinkedIn account information will identify them at this event and Sizzle provides the frictionless interconnectivity to enable these virtual attendees to discover one another and communicate while […]

  • Kreme Finder

    PURPOSE Gamify the experience of finding a local Krispy Kreme retail location, and drive posts to social media, excitement around contests and added purchases from increased volume orders originating out of promotional offers. CONCEPT Deliver fun and unique games that drive repeat patronage, increased brand awareness, peer to peer sharing and social media posts. Kreme […]

  • Magazine ads instantly transact

    PURPOSE Increase consumer awareness and engagement. Stimulate sales of tickets, merchandise and advance sales of concessions. Increase peer to peer sharing. The ROI of print advertising increases exponentially when coupled with Sizzle Scan. CONCEPT Point the phone at any Sizzle-enabled artwork to instantly access any form of content: Play videos Make purchases Get directions Make reservations […]