• Audio triggers increase advertising ROI

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI and effectiveness of radio advertising by making it fully transactional and interactive. Sizzle audio triggers may be embedded in any radio, television, music or broadcast signal to deliver offers to the listening consumers. Increase customer activation, engagement, market research and transactions. CONCEPT Audio triggers create customized radio and television shopping experiences […]

  • Bears clean house

    PURPOSE Garner consumer loyalty by providing a branded AR game that teaches children responsibility and skills. CONCEPT Parents adhere reusable decals onto surfaces within the home. Each decal is assigned to a specific set of chores. The child scans the decal and is handed out a job by a Berenstain character. They learn responsibility through […]

  • Branded vote at home engagements

    PURPOSE Create appointment television for network broadcasts by pairing a voting mechanism with a special AR recording that lets fans promote their favorite acts in fun and compelling ways. Generates market research, brand awareness, viral spreading. CONCEPTS Home audience is able to vote during the broadcast, and when they find the act that they are […]

  • Breath new life into established formats

    PURPOSE Drive an audience to a specific broadcast on a television network. Create audience activation, engagement and home participation using Sizzle interactive systems. CONCEPTS Interactive polls can be implemented during the broadcast only. Ask the user 3 questions during the trial. Allow the user to produce the outcome of the episode and reward them for […]

  • Capture or create emotional stimuli, then convert it into an impulse purchase

    PURPOSE Sizzle’s comprehensive scanning system reads images, text and 3D objects to deliver thousands of potential outcomes. Increases consumer activation, engagement, loyalty, recurring participation, interactions, social media sharing and peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Scan specialty merchandise of any kind and deliver regular updated customized games, promotions, transactions and experiences All print, broadcast, satellite, streaming […]

  • Celebrity hologram appearances

    SizzleFX holograms are a perfect platform for contestants to pair with brands for command performances. PURPOSE Drive consumer traffic to specific brand locations or packaging to experience unique holographic appearances. CONCEPT: Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These holograms can be triggered by GPS, Time, Audio, Search, Scan, […]

  • Characters leap off the screen into Sizzle

    PURPOSE Substantially increase the ROI of in-theater advertising by connecting to the audience during the sponsored commercials, before the trailers have started, and make a digital bond with them through fun and unique promotions: CONCEPT 3D characters leap off the screen and into the app. Sizzle audio signals launch an augmented reality experience in the […]

  • Cross promotion games with films and TV

    Entertainment properties lend themselves to exquisite consumer interactions using the tools in the Sizzle Offer Engine. PURPOSE Sizzle branded social media enable users to access fun SizzleFX with the purpose of shooting selfies or cute pictures, and posting those pictures on social media for fun and prizes CONCEPT A fast food franchise can do an […]

  • Dance Off is a new fun viral dancing game

    PURPOSE Provide a sponsor with an interactive experience that draws significant activation and engagement by a targeted demographic audience. Creates brand impressions, positive association, massive viral spreading, social media posting and peer to peer spreading. CONCEPT Create branded dance competitions where users can submit their dance to be in progressive one to one competitions or […]

  • Encode YouTube content with Hot Spots

    PURPOSE Sizzle’s interactive surface for video enables many new functionalities and experiences that make your videos more profitable, engaging, transactional, and gamified. Sizzle’s Sizzle Reels will showcase the finest in videos and commercials using the newest promotional tools, systems and concepts to increase the ROI of advertising. CONCEPT Hot Spots are provided on a Matrix […]