• Breath new life into established formats

    PURPOSE Drive an audience to a specific broadcast on a television network. Create audience activation, engagement and home participation using Sizzle interactive systems. CONCEPTS Interactive polls can be implemented during the broadcast only. Ask the user 3 questions during the trial. Allow the user to produce the outcome of the episode and reward them for […]

  • Celebrity hologram appearances

    SizzleFX holograms are a perfect platform for contestants to pair with brands for command performances. PURPOSE Drive consumer traffic to specific brand locations or packaging to experience unique holographic appearances. CONCEPT: Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These holograms can be triggered by GPS, Time, Audio, Search, Scan, […]

  • Cross promotion games with films and TV

    Entertainment properties lend themselves to exquisite consumer interactions using the tools in the Sizzle Offer Engine. PURPOSE Sizzle branded social media enable users to access fun SizzleFX with the purpose of shooting selfies or cute pictures, and posting those pictures on social media for fun and prizes CONCEPT A fast food franchise can do an […]

  • Dear Santa…

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand awareness and consumer engagement with this seasonal promotion. Creates social media sharing, peer to peer sharing and high levels of consumer satisfaction. CONCEPT Using Sizzle, scan your child’s artwork or letter to Santa. Send it off to the North Pole then relax and have a Coke. Moments later, an alert will […]

  • Dialing For Dollars

    PURPOSE Create a daily lottery that users can pick their numbers for a free chance to win. Drives positive brand association, brand awareness, consumer loyalty, peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Users log in and play once per day. They enter what they think their secret phone number would be (X) XXX-XXX-XXXX  If they guess the […]

  • Dispatch™: Presents delivered by virtual holograms

    PURPOSE A new digital gifting and greeting methodology. Sizzle leverages 2D and 3D augmented reality to revolutionize the greeting card with a new digital delivery experience. Creates customer activation, engagement, generates loyalty and repeat patronage. CONCEPTS A purchase is made inside Sizzle, and a user is allowed to send a Sizzle Dispatch™ to send an […]

  • Engage users with influencer branded games

    PURPOSE Create an influencer opportunity to expand their reach with new games inside their area of expertise. Users are able to play the games and receive offers and prizes for their participation. CONCEPT In this version of the game, a Name That Tune kind of game, users hear small segments of a song and then […]

  • High stakes prognostication game

    PURPOSE Activate and engage a fan with a fast running predictive game. This may be used against award shows, all sporting events and other live broadcast competitions. Creates user engagement, brand loyalty, fan base growth, peer to peer sharing and social media sharing. CONCEPT A user can make a prediction as to who the winner […]

  • Multimedia AR Gaming Interactions

    PURPOSE Drive network broadcasts to new levels of brand and team interaction with the home audience using games, promotions, and other methods of engagement. Drives market research, increased awareness, consumer activation, fan loyalty, social media sharing. CONCEPTS Sizzle produces countless forms of augmented reality experiences  including games that correlate directly with the television screen. An […]

  • Play-at-home games, votes and interaction

    PURPOSE Use a play along game to activate the consumer audience to connect to the broadcaster and make a new digital connection. This facilitates offers, games, alerts, augmented reality experiences and more for the broadcaster to use to deepen that consumer relationship. Engage users by involving them in the broadcast, stimulate them to return daily […]