• AR 3D games draw new audiences

    PURPOSE Drive a user to a specific retail establishment in order to access a digital download of a fun new game to play for prizes and discounts. CONCEPT User opens Sizzle and points it straight forward. An augmented reality game like a polar bear floating towards camera, trying to catch Coke bottles is an example […]

  • AR holograms brings concerts to life

    PURPOSE Add substantial depth to concerts using Sizzle’s easy gamification platform to bring AR and other special experiences to life throughout the performances. Sizzle delivers countless visual experiences to be leveraged by artists to increase user activation, engagement, interaction and satisfaction. CONCEPT  Add AR holograms to concerts, like a dragon jumping off of the screen […]

  • Audio triggers increase advertising ROI

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI and effectiveness of radio advertising by making it fully transactional and interactive. Sizzle audio triggers may be embedded in any radio, television, music or broadcast signal to deliver offers to the listening consumers. Increase customer activation, engagement, market research and transactions. CONCEPT Audio triggers create customized radio and television shopping experiences […]

  • Branded vote at home engagements

    PURPOSE Create appointment television for network broadcasts by pairing a voting mechanism with a special AR recording that lets fans promote their favorite acts in fun and compelling ways. Generates market research, brand awareness, viral spreading. CONCEPTS Home audience is able to vote during the broadcast, and when they find the act that they are […]

  • Breath new life into established formats

    PURPOSE Drive an audience to a specific broadcast on a television network. Create audience activation, engagement and home participation using Sizzle interactive systems. CONCEPTS Interactive polls can be implemented during the broadcast only. Ask the user 3 questions during the trial. Allow the user to produce the outcome of the episode and reward them for […]

  • Dance Off is a new fun viral dancing game

    PURPOSE Provide a sponsor with an interactive experience that draws significant activation and engagement by a targeted demographic audience. Creates brand impressions, positive association, massive viral spreading, social media posting and peer to peer spreading. CONCEPT Create branded dance competitions where users can submit their dance to be in progressive one to one competitions or […]

  • Floating bottles lead to prizes

    PURPOSE Facilitate a user to engage in a promotion inside of a stadium or watching at home, and share that experience on social media. CONCEPTS User points the camera at the stadium field and sees about 20 floating products in augmented reality. One of the contains a prize, the others, a discount. User is able […]

  • Fully interactive broadcast media system

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of both broadcasting and advertising by making the broadcast media instantly transactional, interactive, entertaining or informative. Sizzle systems add full interactivity from games and contests to market research related activities to shopping from anywhere in the world. CONCEPT Interactive Media Transactional commercials Increase sponsor’s value proposition Signals on programs are readily […]

  • Insured Promotions and Games

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. CONCEPT Stand out from the competition with insurance that allows you to offer a large prize risk-free, for a premium that is a fraction of the prize value (in situations where the prize is not guaranteed). Promotions and games […]

  • Invasions From Outer Space™

    PURPOSE Allowing Users to play in head to head Invasions games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and promotions with prize indemnity insurance. When was the last time you had someone call one of their friends and beg them to play a game that your company had sponsored? That kind of direct viral interaction is the most coveted […]