Promote Your Brand Using Games, Prizes, Offers and Sharing

The entire Sizzle platform is programmed to assist you in building a lasting relationship with your consumers by facilitating the cost effective deployment of games with prizes and discounts that are easily distributed.

  • Attach a branded game or contest to your out of home, print, broadcast or social media advertising and allow it to spread virally
  • Create branded games that are only unlocked by visiting one of your locations. The consumer may continue to play that game after leaving your location, to keep you top of mind for return visits.
  • Drive traffic to any or all of your locations at specific times for specific events, by making a significant prize available in a Sizzle game, only available at the desired time and place
  • Launch a creativity contest in Sizzle using Sizzle’s augmented reality television or Sizzle’s 3D augmented reality and allow your consumers to run wild, then reward the most creative uses.
  • Sizzle has designed numerous augmented reality games to develop for the platform including a ring fighting game, plane racing game and more
  • The odds of winning in a Sizzle game is hundreds of millions more likely than winning a lottery. No purchase necessary to play. There will be many daily winners in Sizzle.
  • The Sizzle game engine is modularly designed to convert to other formats like slot machines, memory games, matching games and more. Contact us to discuss the game format you would like to implement in Sizzle.
  • Your products or services or experiences may be promoted in other Sizzle games that leverage numerous other brands. Contact us to discuss opportunities that you would like to pursue or cobranded options you wish to explore.

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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