Sizzle Promotes Universities And Colleges

Radio Becomes Transactional Using Audio

Whether it is fund raising from alumni, or galvanizing the student body for specific experiences, Sizzle is the solution that provides continual opportunities for all of these purposes, in one single platform:

  • Allow attendees to easily download white papers at the end of guest lectures
  • Create custom augmented reality games
  • Create custom Sizzle spin games to reward students and alumni with special opportunities and prizes
  • Create revenue by allowing outside vendors to deliver digital offers to students within the school’s geofence
  • Deliver digital offers to the student body that are special Student Only offers
  • Elevate sports celebrities into augmented reality holograms and pair with school branded merchandise
  • Link school content to important lectures
  • Make the mascot into an augmented reality opportunity as a virtual host or social media figure
  • Sell school merchandise through new and unique channels
  • Use emotion to solicit donations from alumni by linking from the school logo to emotionally stirring content that leads to the donation request

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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