Investing In An IDO

The procedure to invest in an IDO varies with each launchpad. Most projects tend to require the following:

KYC/AML – Most launchpads will require an investor to be cleared through Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering checks. As the regulatory framework for most cryptocurrencies has become more stringent in recent months, potential legislative issues are bypassed through a KYC check. This is also a reason why many US citizens are rarely allowed to participate.

Holding launchpad tokens. If investors want to be eligible for an allocation of IDO tokens, most launchpads require their investors to hold native tokens from the launchpad.

The investor must go through the whitelist process which includes the KYC check-up, following certain pages on Twitter, retweeting certain posts, and joining specific Telegram groups.

Hold a Web 3.0 wallet for investing and receiving the tokens. One of the most common is MetaMask.

Familiarize yourself with Uniswap and other decentralized exchanges.

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