Raise Money For Nonprofit Organizations

Sizzle is poised to assist all forms of not for profit and cause marketing to achieve significant results in your raising of funds, while simultaneously reducing your hard costs in the process. Sizzle has reduced rates for these programs. Contact us directly to discuss your needs and we will help you to craft a program that makes great sense, is cost effective, and certain to activate and engage your audience using Sizzle’s proven methods of interactivity, augmented reality, and pull marketing.

Here are a few of the many ways that Sizzle is able to work cost efficiently with your not for profit organization to deliver countless benefits to your cause as well as to your bottom line:

  • Add public service experiences to regular items to allow your consumers added value benefits
  • Brings all promotions, items for sale, resorts, and experiences in silent auctions to life to add value and increase the bidding price
  • Creates an opportune communication channel with alumni and fans
  • Creates the immediate opportunity for a one click emotionally-driven donation
  • Delivers media across all platforms with ease and efficiency
  • Designed to reduce upfront risk and work on an entirely success-based basis
  • Earn Sizzle affinity revenue from your members and supporters by bringing them into Sizzle
  • Exposes your organization to an even greater audience
  • Instant perpetual storefront for sales of donation-generating merchandise
  • Raise money for your nonprofit organization using many of the Sizzle triggers adding connectivity to your existing brand messaging
  • Seamlessly delivers the poignant messages for nonprofit organizations
  • Sizzle affinity revenue substantially escalates your organization’s incremental revenues
  • Sizzle can drive sales of tickets, merchandise, special promotions and help to solicit donations
  • Sizzle converts a logo into a portal for continual updates of important new content that organizations post for their alumni, fans, supporters and members
  • Sizzle reduces the cost of raising money by reducing the friction between the cause and the donor by providing a convenient new tool to streamline the fund raising process
  • Use augmented reality television to feature a celebrity performing as a goodwill ambassador for a brand or nonprofit

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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