Sizzle Reels Generate More Interest On Sizzle Platform

When you have spent considerable sums producing your Sizzle reels, your goal is to maximize your return on investment by taking your content and inserting it into your fan’s lives in easy to access, engaging methods.

Sizzle is the home for Sizzle Reels. We collect them. We find them on YouTube, and play them on YouTube via the Sizzle App. This means you still get your view count on YouTube, but you are also getting access to all of Sizzle’s unique features and functionality for streaming and prerecorded media.

Using Sizzle, you may use your Sizzle Reel for special viewing premieres that are geofenced to a specific area, allowing special fans the first chance to view the content, such as at ComicCon, or a fashion show, or at a specific retail store, to direct traffic to the store for special access.

Sizzle reels are treated specially in Sizzle. Consumers are motivated to engage with the videos, explore the exciting content that the Sizzle Merchants have brought to promote on the Sizzle platform.

This makes your Sizzle Reel readily available at point of sale. This may be valuable for capturing a make up video tutorial that has been paired with product at a retail environment, and creates a shopping list for the clerk to gather and sell to the customer.

Sizzle Reels are both informative and transactional, taking customers to another action, game, survey or specific online location.

The Illusion Factory will be pleased to assist you in conceiving, writing and producing your Sizzle reels. Please contact us to discuss.

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