Streaming Videos And YouTube Videos

Sizzle makes streaming media gamified, transactional, interactive and far more functional than it currently is. Using the Sizzle technology, you can cross promote a brand with a video that is not an advertisement, generate transactions of items throughout the video, create webinar videos that instantly transact, leverage influencers to connect with brands in fun and unique methods, add games to existing content and monetize your library using fresh and innovative methods.

  • Sell different products on a YouTube timeline, such as purchasing items when a model walks down the ramp in a fashion show
  • Add substantial new monetization potential of all active YouTube libraries
  • Deliver a game or contest in YouTube
  • Deliver a poll, survey, quiz or test in YouTube
  • Deliver serialized content such as instructional demonstrations using a Sizzle pay wall and host inside Sizzle
  • Generate “create your own interactive adventures” in YouTube
  • Generate sales of games and downloads of apps by encoding your videos in Sizzle
  • Hunts for clues with Easter eggs are easily programmable in Sizzle to create CyberHunts
  • Increase your YouTube views
  • Make your streaming programming impulsively actionable, interactive and transactional
  • Make your streaming service interactive and transactional
  • Sell your own products or related products from your YouTube videos
  • Turn instructional videos into tests that may be implemented for monitored outcome of any kind

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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