The Pull Advertising Revolution Has Begun

Pull advertising is any information surrounding a product, service, company, organization, nonprofit, or cause that a general public draws to their own attention, through the means available at their disposal. An example is when a person searches for a video or commercial for a product that they are exploring for purchase. When they find that video online, they watch with full attention. Pull Advertising makes it very clear that people do not want to be marketed to. They wish to be communicated with.

Push advertising forces you to watch commercials that you would never wish to view. So you tune them out. Everyone does. The whole concept of forcing a person to watch an ad that they do not wish to see is archaic, expensive and highly flawed as a persuasive form of communication. Push advertising, therefore, must have an equal or superior then, in Pull Advertising.



  • Has A High Cost Of Customer Acquisition 
  • Does Not Trigger A Receptive Response
  • Reaches A Large, Non-specified Audience
  • Ignored By A Large Percentage Of Consumers
  • Does Not Generate Full Data Sets
  • Does Not Leverage Artificial Intelligence
  • Uses Traditional Media
  • Limited Sharing Potential On Social Media
  • Numerous Platforms Required For Full Campaigns
  • High Competition For Customer Attention
  • Not Track-able And Non-Transactional


  • Instigated By The Consumer
  • Reverses The Process In The Consumer’s Mind
  • Converts Consumers Into Fans Of The Brand
  • Reaches A Narrow, Highly-Focused Audience
  • Success Based, Reducing Waste
  • Creates A Fully-Engaged Response
  • Generates Significant Data Here-forward
  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence
  • Converts All Media To Shoppable Interactive
  • Highly Shareable Across All Social Media
  • Uses Augmented Reality, Holograms, VR


Push v. Pull is elementary in human attention… you will attentively watch a video that you have searched for, whereas a video that you have been forced to watch, you will instinctively tune out.

Digital marketing has evolved at such a rapid clip, in the time that one could fully define the entire digital marketing landscape, it would have evolved before the discussion were complete. It is just moving that fast, and our ability to keep pace is continually challenged. That’s why the Pull Advertising Revolution has begun in earnest for direct access to the mind’s of the consumer.

There are numerous platforms that enable you to launch, promote, activate, engage, share and track your results. Prior to Sizzle, there was not a single platform that facilitated all of those requirements as well as numerous other complimentary features and functions, all of which support Pull Advertising.


There are many ways to engage a pull advertising experience. These require triggers that stimulate the consumer and enable them to selectively find the content that is most suited for them. Triggers utilize Keyword Search, Visual Scan, Silent Audio Signals, Geofencing, Beacons, Time Sensitivities, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Games with Prizes, Scanning QR Codes,  and Voice Interaction to trigger the consumer and commence on the interaction. 

As the experience unfolds, there are many potential outcomes of the experience. In Sizzle, we have programmed The Offer Engine™ that enables our users to selectively program triggers that lead to a massively wide selection of potential outcomes which express themselves in the form of Pull Advertising to the consumer.

Any offer is coupled with a desired outcome.  We have identified many possible outcomes, which also will be explained in these blog articles. Some examples include: Deliver experiences, information, and sales to your website, your locations, or on Sizzle’s platform and marketplace. Or perhaps you want to invite consumer activations in fun and unique ways, such as:  games, contests and sweepstakes with prizes and discounts, or rewards for taking a survey or poll, delivery of valuable multilingual information, use of augmented reality for games, information, teaching, purchase stimuli, interactive activations, social sharing and more.

The advantages of using a Pull Advertising, success-based platform like Sizzle is that you are able to expedite your time to market, while reducing your costs. Unlike expensive, non-trackable push advertising, Sizzle enables companies to focus their spend only on successful encounters that can be geofenced wide or narrow to deliver specific results and data. The extensive analytics behind the data are the deepest value, in the broad range and narrow range of unique information that engagement on the Sizzle platform may provide.

The Illusion Factory is glad to assist you in putting together the most successful Pull Advertising campaigns to achieve or exceed your objectives.

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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