Timed Offers Deliver While The Emotion Is Strongest

Timed offers are one of the best features in the Sizzle platform. Whether they are tied to a sports event, concert, or window of time to incentivize attendance during a low consumer window of patronage, Time is one of the most valuable triggers.

It allows your offer to be the first received by the recipient when the emotion is the strongest. For example, seconds after a championship game is determined, Sizzle will deliver the timed offer to purchase the souvenir merchandise. 

Timed offers create a sense of urgency. They deliver the impulse purchase at the key emotional moment that the consumer is most likely to convert.

They are equally valuable to make certain deals only available or games only available at specific times of day… like a happy hour promotion.

Timed offers can also deliver gamification if an offer starts at a specific time and is going to run for a finite time period.

You may use them to create urgency in that the offer is only available for a limited time. 

Time is your friend in Sizzle. Use it wisely.


 QUESTION: Does your business have specific time windows to leverage special promotions?

 For help in producing timed offers, please reach out to us at The Illusion Factory and we will be happy to help you plan a very successful timed campaign in Sizzle.

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