Viral/Social Sharing

Sizzle is the perfect platform to incentivize social media sharing of your brand, location, experience or event. Using branded Sizzle photo frames for selfies and SIzzle AR for insertion of animations, characters, visual effects, learning experiences, and much more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Attach a game or contest to your out of home, print, broadcast or social media advertising that spreads virally
  • Create a mouth-watering, interactive augmented reality menu
  • Create offers tied to games that compel the user to want to share this offer with their special friend who will really appreciate this unique offer
  • Drive social media awareness into a Sizzle game to increase specific awareness of an event, new product drop, or other significant experience
  • Gamify and reward your user’s experiences to incentivize them to add friends and family in the gaming experience
  • Increase the K Factor of a marketing campaign
  • Sizzle can make illusions in any size, scale, to enhance the social sharing experiences
  • Sizzle is shareable in all social networks that allow outside elements
  • Sizzle’s expression engine, paired with your product, can create a great photo opportunity for sharing and grabbing social media attention
  • Use augmented reality television to create a social media spreading of a celebrity recorded with their fans and shareable on social media

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