• Connect to virtual reality engagements

    PURPOSE Use of virtual reality interactions substantially increases consumer engagement, dwell time, interaction and transactions. Bring a complete virtual reality tour of any kind of building, facility, property or experience into your traditional advertising using Sizzle scan and Matterport 3D models. CONCEPT Visual triggers deliver unique augmented reality and virtual reality tours Perfect for tourism […]

  • Custom games to introduce products

    PURPOSE All of the games in Sizzle are designed as pull advertising. Use your products, services and experiences as the playing pieces in a Sizzle game and allow potential customers to discover some of your products by playing a game and choosing between them as both prizes and discounted offers. Sizzle has several stock games, […]

  • Customized selfie themed graphics

    PURPOSE Give entertainment attendees a branded selfie animated system to shoot souvenir videos and stills for placement on social media to generate viral spreading of the experience and increase ticket and merchandise sales. CONCEPT Users could attend Love or a similar show, take a selfie and have their image adjusted inside Sizzle to match the […]

  • Deliver product information in video

    PURPOSE Make packages instantly readable in Sizzle and then enable the user to access more information in video or written formats in whatever native language that the user speaks. Increases product / consumer understanding and awareness. Generates good will and helps prevent misuse of product. CONCEPT Scan a product label to watch a video. Defeats […]

  • Direct response with a cash register

    PURPOSE Create activations and user engagement. Generate instant transactions and increase the ROI of direct response advertising. Expand the user’s knowledge of the direct response offer by connecting to videos, AR and other informative media. CONCEPT Direct response business cards, point of sale, signs, banners are all scanned by Sizzle, revealing the offer that is […]

  • Download content directly from video or TV

    PURPOSE Utilize Sizzle as the hyperlink that takes valuable downloadable content that is available from a broadcast program or a streaming service and enable that content to be instantly downloaded without searching for links outside of the viewing experience. Generates downloads, sales, consumer interactions, market research, engagement and appreciation. CONCEPT Use the Sizzle interactive button […]

  • Encode your video with Sizzle Hot Spots

    PURPOSE Sizzle’s interactive surface for video enables many new functionalities and experiences that make your videos more profitable, engaging, transactional, and gamified. Sizzle’s Sizzle Reels will showcase the finest in videos and commercials using the newest promotional tools, systems and concepts to increase the ROI of advertising. CONCEPT Encode your video with Sizzle Hot Spots […]

  • Engage viewers through dynamic and actionable videos

    PURPOSE Leverage entertainment content to deliver trivia competitions using video clips and Sizzle Hot Spots to make a new and exciting form of trivia interactivity. CONCEPTS In this version of Cinemental Journey™, users are able to watch clips and interact directly with the movie clip to make the trivia game more interactive and experiential. Users […]

  • Extensive AI powered data and analytics

    PURPOSE Data is highly confidential in Sizzle. It is gathered to enable Sizzle to better deliver pertinent, relevant and desired content to our users. Sizzle’s data belongs only to the merchant who brought a user into Sizzle, as it was their customer, fan or user prior to them asking that user to download Sizzle and […]

  • Fabulous, mouth-watering meals entice

    PURPOSE Excite a user to view sumptuous food through an engaging augmented reality presentation. Gamify the experience with discounts and prizes and whet the audience’s appetite so they are excited to dine in the restaurant. CONCEPT Food with exquisite design is augmented atop a physical location, using GPS, such as standing outside the Waldorf Astoria, […]