• Branded vote at home engagements

    PURPOSE Create appointment television for network broadcasts by pairing a voting mechanism with a special AR recording that lets fans promote their favorite acts in fun and compelling ways. Generates market research, brand awareness, viral spreading. CONCEPTS Home audience is able to vote during the broadcast, and when they find the act that they are […]

  • Breath new life into established formats

    PURPOSE Drive an audience to a specific broadcast on a television network. Create audience activation, engagement and home participation using Sizzle interactive systems. CONCEPTS Interactive polls can be implemented during the broadcast only. Ask the user 3 questions during the trial. Allow the user to produce the outcome of the episode and reward them for […]

  • Dear Santa…

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand awareness and consumer engagement with this seasonal promotion. Creates social media sharing, peer to peer sharing and high levels of consumer satisfaction. CONCEPT Using Sizzle, scan your child’s artwork or letter to Santa. Send it off to the North Pole then relax and have a Coke. Moments later, an alert will […]

  • Download content directly from video or TV

    PURPOSE Utilize Sizzle as the hyperlink that takes valuable downloadable content that is available from a broadcast program or a streaming service and enable that content to be instantly downloaded without searching for links outside of the viewing experience. Generates downloads, sales, consumer interactions, market research, engagement and appreciation. CONCEPT Use the Sizzle interactive button […]

  • Encode YouTube content with Hot Spots

    PURPOSE Sizzle’s interactive surface for video enables many new functionalities and experiences that make your videos more profitable, engaging, transactional, and gamified. Sizzle’s Sizzle Reels will showcase the finest in videos and commercials using the newest promotional tools, systems and concepts to increase the ROI of advertising. CONCEPT Hot Spots are provided on a Matrix […]

  • Engage viewers through dynamic and actionable videos

    PURPOSE Leverage entertainment content to deliver trivia competitions using video clips and Sizzle Hot Spots to make a new and exciting form of trivia interactivity. CONCEPTS In this version of Cinemental Journey™, users are able to watch clips and interact directly with the movie clip to make the trivia game more interactive and experiential. Users […]

  • Fully interactive broadcast media system

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of both broadcasting and advertising by making the broadcast media instantly transactional, interactive, entertaining or informative. Sizzle systems add full interactivity from games and contests to market research related activities to shopping from anywhere in the world. CONCEPT Interactive Media Transactional commercials Increase sponsor’s value proposition Signals on programs are readily […]

  • Gamified market research

    PURPOSE Leverage key moments in editorial content for brief interludes of an interactive poll or survey. Design the content in a gamified style to make it light and fun, while still picking up valuable market research. CONCEPT Sizzle merchants are able to display content in their editorial sections which deliver an audience that has directly […]

  • Incremental quizzes and tests

    PURPOSE Create a transactional learning system that enables content producer to put their content behind a pay wall, sell merchandise from that content, and put tests and quizzes throughout the content to interact with students as they work their way through the video lessons. CONCEPT Use the hot spots in Sizzle videos to program test […]

  • Influencers host jam-along competitions

    PURPOSE Create opportunity for influencers to provide new experiences to their fans by making SizzleFX holograms available for performance and dual recordings. CONCEPT An influencer stages an experience in which their audience can record themselves with the influencer doing anything that the influencer desires. In this model, it is a jam-along with Marty Music. In […]