• Direct response with a cash register

    PURPOSE Create activations and user engagement. Generate instant transactions and increase the ROI of direct response advertising. Expand the user’s knowledge of the direct response offer by connecting to videos, AR and other informative media. CONCEPT Direct response business cards, point of sale, signs, banners are all scanned by Sizzle, revealing the offer that is […]

  • Download content directly from video or TV

    PURPOSE Utilize Sizzle as the hyperlink that takes valuable downloadable content that is available from a broadcast program or a streaming service and enable that content to be instantly downloaded without searching for links outside of the viewing experience. Generates downloads, sales, consumer interactions, market research, engagement and appreciation. CONCEPT Use the Sizzle interactive button […]

  • Extensive AI powered data and analytics

    PURPOSE Data is highly confidential in Sizzle. It is gathered to enable Sizzle to better deliver pertinent, relevant and desired content to our users. Sizzle’s data belongs only to the merchant who brought a user into Sizzle, as it was their customer, fan or user prior to them asking that user to download Sizzle and […]

  • Fully interactive broadcast media system

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of both broadcasting and advertising by making the broadcast media instantly transactional, interactive, entertaining or informative. Sizzle systems add full interactivity from games and contests to market research related activities to shopping from anywhere in the world. CONCEPT Interactive Media Transactional commercials Increase sponsor’s value proposition Signals on programs are readily […]

  • Gamification allows user exposure to treats

    PURPOSE Excite a user to view mouth-watering beverages and refreshments through an engaging augmented reality presentation. Gamify the experience with discounts and prizes and whet the audience’s appetite so they play the game, and then use their discount stimuli to purchase refreshments. CONCEPT Drinks and refreshments with exquisite design is augmented atop a physical location, […]

  • Gamified market research

    PURPOSE Leverage key moments in editorial content for brief interludes of an interactive poll or survey. Design the content in a gamified style to make it light and fun, while still picking up valuable market research. CONCEPT Sizzle merchants are able to display content in their editorial sections which deliver an audience that has directly […]

  • Gamify a museum, aquarium or attraction

    PURPOSE Add substantial depth to current and future exhibits using Sizzle’s easy gamification platform to bring AR and other special experiences to life throughout your attraction. Sizzle delivers countless visual learning experiences to be leveraged by your facilty to increase user activation, engagement, interaction and satisfaction. CONCEPTS Add AR holograms to exhibits to deepen the […]

  • Generate alerts and appointment notifications

    PURPOSE Brand to consumer alert system to help consumer to take advantage of opportunities inside Sizzle, appointments within a virtual or physical trade show, or any game or AR experience that is launching. Generates user interest, engagement, repeat patronage and brand loyalty. CONCEPT The alert system in Sizzle enables virtual trade shows to allow each […]

  • GPS location-based offers

    PURPOSE Increase customer activation and engagement. Drive increased sales of cross promoted refreshments and merchandise using special promotions delivered only to audience members inside the event. Increase market research and extend ongoing communication with fans beyond the time limits of the event. CONCEPT Location-based offers are available in stadiums, conference centers, malls, airports, campuses and […]

  • Increase sales using AR promotional stunts

    PURPOSE Increase the total volume of refreshment and concession sales at stadiums, clubs, venues and other large experiences. CONCEPTS User points the camera at the stadium field and they see an augmented reality dragon, drone or other delivery device that is shooting out floating bottles of the product. User uses their Sizzle app to catch […]