• Fully interactive broadcast media system

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of both broadcasting and advertising by making the broadcast media instantly transactional, interactive, entertaining or informative. Sizzle systems add full interactivity from games and contests to market research related activities to shopping from anywhere in the world. CONCEPT Interactive Media Transactional commercials Increase sponsor’s value proposition Signals on programs are readily […]

  • Games increase ROI of direct response

    • Scan a direct response card, ad, or a brochure and instantly launch a game • Launch Sizzle Spin, Sizzle AR games, or a custom game of your choosing from Sizzle’s library of games • Generate significant new ongoing revenue and data per consumer while building customer appreciation/loyalty COSTS Monthly Cost: Pick the monthly program, […]

  • Gamified market research

    PURPOSE Leverage key moments in editorial content for brief interludes of an interactive poll or survey. Design the content in a gamified style to make it light and fun, while still picking up valuable market research. CONCEPT Sizzle merchants are able to display content in their editorial sections which deliver an audience that has directly […]

  • Insert Sizzle technology into your apps

    PURPOSE Many Sizzle Merchants wish to embed Sizzle technologies into their own apps. Sizzle Software Development Kits enable you to pick the best parts of Sizzle for your users and embed them into your app so that your team can program offers, games and augmented reality experiences for your audience by using the convenience of […]

  • Interactive features for live streaming

    PURPOSE Create more dynamic and engaging forms of remote performances, streamed experiences and consumer interactions to service the current remote working/living circumstances. Generates consumer activation and engagement, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing, as well as sponsor brand association. CONCEPT Provide a new and deeper fan interactivity paired with live streaming events. Leverage the […]

  • Launch holograms from announcements

    PURPOSE Increase the profitability of a wedding video package by adding three additional videos to be shot and added to the package. Creates a product for posterity, generates consumer activation, engagement and transactions when pointed to a bridal registry. CONCEPT The invitation and greeting card experience expands exponentially with SizzleFX AR. Point Sizzle at a […]

  • Magazine ads instantly transact

    PURPOSE Increase consumer awareness and engagement. Stimulate sales of tickets, merchandise and advance sales of concessions. Increase peer to peer sharing. The ROI of print advertising increases exponentially when coupled with Sizzle Scan. CONCEPT Point the phone at any Sizzle-enabled artwork to instantly access any form of content: Play videos Make purchases Get directions Make reservations […]

  • Masks and facial recognition

    PURPOSE Use Sizzle’s facial recognition to attach a mask, glasses, hat, etc. onto a user’s face for games, selfies, shopping, etc. Creates brand awareness, viral sharing, peer to peer sharing, leading to games or merchandise special offers, digital swag and more. CONCEPT User points SizzleFX at their face in selfie mode and see a host […]

  • Multilingual engagements made easy

    PURPOSE Create multilingual instructions for your products with a Sizzle Scan. Reduce printing costs, increase customer satisfaction. Generate reorders. CONCEPT Leverage the numerous multilingual capabilities within the Sizzle platform to easily enable a wider audience for company messaging. Customers can scan packaging or literature, and instantly access content in as many languages as are required. […]

  • Multimedia AR Gaming Interactions

    PURPOSE Drive network broadcasts to new levels of brand and team interaction with the home audience using games, promotions, and other methods of engagement. Drives market research, increased awareness, consumer activation, fan loyalty, social media sharing. CONCEPTS Sizzle produces countless forms of augmented reality experiences  including games that correlate directly with the television screen. An […]