• Sizzle Shop custom store fronts

    PURPOSE Sizzle.shop facilitates each of the Sizzle merchants to have their own branded storefronts to make shopping for their wares easy for the Sizzle users. Influencers may open custom stores with their personal collection of favorite items for their fans to purchase and for the influencer to earn commissions. CONCEPT The Sizzle store comes with […]

  • Sizzle’s CineMental Journey™ engine powers movie trivia games

    PURPOSE Create user interactivity with a movie trivia game that spawns both attendance at the movie theaters, as well as the rental or watching of some media on television. Drives advance awareness, creates deeper appreciation and generates social sharing while delivering prizes and discounts. CONCEPT User v. user games and user v. computer games are […]

  • Sizzle’s perpetual creatures roam the streets

    PURPOSE 3D Holograms can be used to activate and engage consumers, promote entertainment of any kind, make special themed days at stadiums come to life, add a dynamic attraction to a magic forest, add branding and clues to monuments, drive consumers to retail for engagement and create a substantial additional business model to a fashion […]

  • SizzleFX brings the artist to virtual presence

    PURPOSE Expand the user’s experience in a gallery by providing a deeper engagement with the exhibit through a wide range of Sizzle’s immense suite of potential interactive tools and systems. CONCEPT A user points their phone at a painting in a gallery and the artist appears to talk about the work of art and present […]

  • The Voice Trigger

    PURPOSE Leverage a celebrity augmented reality performance in partnership with a brand to create a consumer need to purchase a specific package that will trigger the augmented performance. Generates sales, awareness, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing and distributes discounts and prizes to end users building brand loyalty and consumer engagement. CONCEPT Point your […]

  • Time delivers when emotion is strongest

    PURPOSE Time offers can be developed into a live game that can be played against predictive entertainment experiences like award shows, sporting events, elections and other. Use time to your brand’s advantage. Sizzle can deliver offers in very short windows of time. Whether a championship has been determined, or even when the home team has […]

  • Tour the set, find bonus content

    Sizzle takes you through the sets of some of the most exciting films, and allows you to find the Easter eggs hidden inside the set for prizes, merch and bonus content. PURPOSE Leverage out of home advertising, broadcast, streaming and print media to trigger the delivery of a Sizzle virtual reality exploration of the set […]

  • Viral Social Media Campaigns

    PURPOSE Elevate a brand to a new stature of social media sharing potential using SizzleFX to add a fun and engaging experience to a brand promotion. This increases transactions both online and retail as well as deepening consumer loyalty. CONCEPT Sizzle’s suite of augmented reality systems allows for consumers to take pictures of pets, kids […]

  • Virtual real estate tours

    PURPOSE Attract buyers to both commercial and residential properties and enable them to take a virtual reality tour of the property, just by standing out in front, or scanning a listing while still at home. Increases connection potential with buyer. Creates consumer identification, activation, engagement market research, and long term communication. CONCEPT Virtual and GPS […]