• Taste of the season

    PURPOSE A global seasonal stunt to bring one of the greatest legends of all time to life. Engage an audience to activate a holographic experience at at key moment in time. Generates viral sharing, user engagement, user identification and increased brand awareness and appreciation. CONCEPT Point your phone into the sky at dusk on December 24th. […]

  • The Voice Trigger

    PURPOSE Leverage a celebrity augmented reality performance in partnership with a brand to create a consumer need to purchase a specific package that will trigger the augmented performance. Generates sales, awareness, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing and distributes discounts and prizes to end users building brand loyalty and consumer engagement. CONCEPT Point your […]

  • The world’s largest flying pizza

    PURPOSE Stimulate a user becoming a bigger fan of a brand by giving the consumer a cool experience using Sizzle’s Augmented Reality to deliver a recordable AR stunt that is shareable in all media. CONCEPT User points the camera at a specific region, direction, etc. And GPS trigger starts the stunt. In this situation, it […]

  • Theatres use AR to deliver digital swag

    PURPOSE Deliver offers to consumers through broadcast media and in physical locations using inaudible audio signals that only Sizzle app can hear.  In all circumstances, an audience connecting to an audio signal in a theater, location, radio broadcast, game or television broadcast, is an audience that a Sizzle merchant can market to at a later […]

  • Then and Nows reveal new dimensions

    PURPOSE Expand the tourism experience by providing augmented experiences that bring history to life while touring a city or region. CONCEPT Augmented experiences reveal historic photos from the user’s current vantage point. Augmentations that appear transposed over the current scene. Stories of famous crime scenes, or stories of heroism, bravery and patriotism. Or developmental changes […]

  • Time delivers when emotion is strongest

    PURPOSE Time offers can be developed into a live game that can be played against predictive entertainment experiences like award shows, sporting events, elections and other. Use time to your brand’s advantage. Sizzle can deliver offers in very short windows of time. Whether a championship has been determined, or even when the home team has […]

  • Tour the set, find bonus content

    Sizzle takes you through the sets of some of the most exciting films, and allows you to find the Easter eggs hidden inside the set for prizes, merch and bonus content. PURPOSE Leverage out of home advertising, broadcast, streaming and print media to trigger the delivery of a Sizzle virtual reality exploration of the set […]

  • Triple Match slot machines

    PURPOSE Sizzle Triple Match Slots is founded on the same principle that built the Las Vegas strip…. a click of a button, followed by the anticipation of what will I win? When 3 matching products appear, the delivery of either a prize (totally free, no charge for shipping) or a discount of any kind. CONCEPTS […]

  • Use AR to bring websites and social to life

    PURPOSE Bring websites and social media to life to make unique experiences to drive users to the site or social page. Generate increased awareness, fandom, brand loyalty, word of mouth and massive social sharing. CONCEPTS In a website or social media page, Sizzle scans an image or logo or reads a headline and an augmented […]

  • Viral Social Media Campaigns

    PURPOSE Elevate a brand to a new stature of social media sharing potential using SizzleFX to add a fun and engaging experience to a brand promotion. This increases transactions both online and retail as well as deepening consumer loyalty. CONCEPT Sizzle’s suite of augmented reality systems allows for consumers to take pictures of pets, kids […]