• Sizzle Shop custom store fronts

    PURPOSE Sizzle.shop facilitates each of the Sizzle merchants to have their own branded storefronts to make shopping for their wares easy for the Sizzle users. Influencers may open custom stores with their personal collection of favorite items for their fans to purchase and for the influencer to earn commissions. CONCEPT The Sizzle store comes with […]

  • SizzleFX is the perfect promotion system

    PURPOSE Promotion of Muay Thai fighting requires unique promotional capabilities. Sizzle provides their fans with new forms of fun engagement and social sharing. CONCEPT Sizzle users may record themselves engaging with the stars of a fighting league using augmented reality recording to position a fan into a great scene that they will be very excited […]

  • Stream fully interactive webinars

    PURPOSE Generate consumer engagement leading to business related interactions either during or after the interactive webinar. Create engagement, consumer loyalty, market research, transactions and many other forms of interactivity. CONCEPT Use of Sizzle for streaming B2B experiences further increases the attendee engagement potential. • Transactional – One click purchases • Interactive – Download presentation decks […]

  • Styletto causes consumer engagement

    PURPOSE Create a game that enables users to view merchandise as the playing pieces within the game. Use that product familiarity to generate market research, purchases and consumer engagements. CONCEPTS Styletto is a game like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, but it is played with brand merchandise, so the consumer is exposed to many purchasable items […]

  • Suite of sweets

    PURPOSE Create habit forming behavior by conditioning users to connect with the treats of their liking on a daily basis. Brand awareness, product sales, social sharing and volume increases in purchases are all benefits of this game. CONCEPT One of these desserts is free, the others provide discounts. Try it daily! One of the products […]

  • Sweepstakes are made for sharing

    PURPOSE Stimulate users to check in daily with a brand and play that brand’s game. CONCEPT In Sizzle, our consumers will be able to visit brand pages on a daily basis, and each day they will secure ticket(s) for their entry into a cash sweepstakes. No purchase is required to get the free entry tickets […]

  • Triple Match slot machines

    PURPOSE Sizzle Triple Match Slots is founded on the same principle that built the Las Vegas strip…. a click of a button, followed by the anticipation of what will I win? When 3 matching products appear, the delivery of either a prize (totally free, no charge for shipping) or a discount of any kind. CONCEPTS […]

  • Use AR to bring websites and social to life

    PURPOSE Bring websites and social media to life to make unique experiences to drive users to the site or social page. Generate increased awareness, fandom, brand loyalty, word of mouth and massive social sharing. CONCEPTS In a website or social media page, Sizzle scans an image or logo or reads a headline and an augmented […]

  • Viral Social Media Campaigns

    PURPOSE Elevate a brand to a new stature of social media sharing potential using SizzleFX to add a fun and engaging experience to a brand promotion. This increases transactions both online and retail as well as deepening consumer loyalty. CONCEPT Sizzle’s suite of augmented reality systems allows for consumers to take pictures of pets, kids […]

  • Voice-activated AI learning systems

    PURPOSE Create new forms of educational software applications by enabling a user to voice command interact with a lesson for a hands free engagement. CONCEPT Sizzle’s artificial intelligence-driven voice-activation system facilitates learning from videos without holding the phone in hand while training. Subscription video content transacts, teaches, sells and trains. Content may contain products or […]